Car Wash Bay Cleaning


When getting clean is your business, it pays to keep your business clean!


Customers who visit your car wash care are concerned with the maintenance of their vehicles. No one wants to wash their car in a grimy environment! Keeping the floors, walls and ceilings of your car wash bays free of mold, mildew, grime and product overspray is critical to developing a repeat clientele. Your clients will come back again and again if their experience is a positive one, and Benjamin’s Pro Power Washing can provide the necessary services to keep your business clean and inviting!

We can clean all of the surfaces of your bays – vinyl, painted concrete, and more – and ensure that your floor surfaces are not slippery with built-up soap and dirt. We use the appropriate chemicals for the surfaces to make sure there is no damage in the cleaning process.

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Keep Your Car Wash Bay in Top Condition

Choose us for complete car wash equipment cleaning services in the Merrimac, Georgetown or Newburyport, MA area


Sometimes you spend so much time cleaning other people’s cars that you can forget to clean your own equipment. Rely on Benjamin’s Pro Power Washing LLC to keep your car wash equipment in tiptop shape. We proudly provide car wash equipment cleaning services in Merrimac, Georgetown, Newburyport, MA and surrounding areas.

Our crew can remove dirt and grime from the following equipment and surfaces:

  • Brushes
  • Blowers
  • Water jets
  • Flooring
  • Concrete walls

Show your customers that you run a tight ship. Contact a professional car wash equipment cleaner to get started.

Don’t let faulty equipment cost you your reputation

If your car wash equipment is dirty and in bad shape, it can negatively affect the customer experience. Maintain a solid reputation with help from our professional car wash equipment cleaners in Merrimac, Georgetown or Newburyport, MA. We’ll keep your equipment clean so you can make your customers’ cars sparkle.

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