Let Us Safely Remove Heavy, Damaging Snow From Your Roof in Merrimac, Georgetown or Newburyport, MA

While the weight can vary, on average snow weighs about 10 to 20 pounds per cubic foot. Heavy, wet snow can weigh even more. In fact, for every 1.5 feet of snow that accumulates, each square foot of your roof can be under 15 pounds of pressure! Multiply that out by your entire roof, and you could be asking for trouble if you allow the snow to sit in place. Fast removal can save your home from damage from the pressure created by that weight.

Let the experts at Benjamin’s Pro Power Washing LLC remove the snow the most effective way possible, with our snow rakes that can reach your roof safely. We will prevent the snow from melting and creating ice dams, and can remove the pressure that can damage your roof shingles and the underlaying structure.

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