Roof Soft Washing


Why And When Should You Clean Your Roof?

The dark black streaks on your roof aren’t only unattractive to the eye but they could be bringing up your electricity bill in the spring summer and fall! The black stains can attract sunlight, causing your roof to heat up and transfer heat to your attic. This will cause your entire house to heat up as well over time, causing higher internal temperatures. Let Benjamin’s Pro Power Washing LLC  bring your utility costs down, and bring your roof back to life in Merrimac, Georgetown or Newburyport, MA!

Not only does cleaning your roof help with utility bills, eliminating the moss, mold, grime and lichen safely will improve the look of your home.


The Cleaning Continues After Our Visit

We do not rinse our chemicals after cleaning the shingles because the PH of rain is 5.6, while our cleaning solution is around 11. Because of the PH in rain being slightly acidic, it helps reactivate our soap solution, this his gives a second cleaning action!

We use Eco-friendly products and very low pressure so there is no damage to plants or roof. Don’t wait until you see the mold and moss to give us a call, let us fix the problem before it starts.

Please don’t take a chance with even low pressure power washing on the roof, always go with a professional who offers NON pressure roof soft washing. Contact us today to schedule your soft wash cleaning!


Check out these amazing before/after’s

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